Tuesday, 7 June 2011


What realy attracted me to this prog is its name.They say a label does wonders in selling products and i must admit this made it.As the name suggests you expect to have characters who have godly manners but then have this other side of them that is more or less dark. Pastor Jethro is to be seen as an authority figure that gives guidance to his flock but he missuses church funds and offering. He also takes advantage of those in need like Julia and Abel.
Besides the name the characters do their best to brand the prog. Most of them are big time kenyan tv stars and so is not difficult for them to pull out their acts. Mona's beutiful voice in the songs and the beautiful arrangement of the music is also a plus to demigods. However the prog tends to overuse english. That street boys and girls speak fluent english to me beats logic. The producers defend this saying that the target audience goes beyond kenya. Yes but that can be catared for by subtitles.just use street language which brings out the street factor so well and add subtitles for those who do not understand. otherwise he prog is nice the storyline is superb and is a step to better local content.


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  1. some good analysis you are doing here!
    Should expect something about 'Briefcase Inc'? showing on KTN.