Thursday, 5 May 2011

I believe you share the same thought with me that, comedy is a very important ingredient towards a better and health. As you know, life has both dark and light moments. Comedy takes the light moments when everyone is happy and enjoying him/herself. Comedy in kenya can be traced back to the dawn of kenyans. Kenya been a multi-cultural state has had every community coming up with a way of entertaining their members during celebrations-light moments. The contemporary kenyan comedy has taken another direction(the western style). Yes, The Churchil Live is here with us, we all enjoy it. This program which is aired by NTV television station, involves the host(Daniel Ndambuki aka King'ang'i) and several other comedians who make fun of our daily undertakings.There jokes and the mode of presentation keeps us glued infront of our television sets every week during the show. The Bull's Eye is another comic program which come every friday in between NTV news. It tries to bring out the funny side of mainly politicians' daily undertakings. The issues that are mainly pointed out are moral in nature but they are brought in a satirical mode aimed at making the parties involved change their ways and at the same time entertaining the viewers.Other stations, for example, Citizen tv has also adopted this. This is a clear indication that our kenyan comedy is growing .It may not be like the American comedy but we are really going somewhere in terms of comic entertainment. Long live kenyan comedy. Kyalo.


  1. i agree that kenyan comedy is growing and artists are finding new ways to entertain. but with all respect to churchil's legacy i think his show no longer keeps us glued to the screen. Im so used to their lines of jokes nowdays that i dont even laugh. I suggest they go for a break and come back fresh in new season.

  2. I also agree that Kenyan comedy is growing, and as Churchill live being our case study, I salute Churchill for the far he has brought the Kenyan stand-up comedy. but as for now, i think he jokes as so 5 years ago. I dont hate on Churchill but i'd rather he be the host with his role be reduced to interviewing the uests and let the likes of Eric Omondi and the other boys do the jokes Mary.